Monday, March 16, 2009

It's been a year?

I was looking on my friend's blog and noticed that it says a year ago, talking about my last post, under the link to my blog. All I have to say is that year went by really quickly.

As an update on what I am doing now; I finally landed myself a job. It was questionable with the lack of experience I had in the labor force and the economy making turn for the worse. I am working for an online company called FastHealth. I go to church with the CEO, but had never really talked to him until I interviewed for a job. At the end of the interview he offered me a job in the production department, which basically builds the website for our customers. I will be forever grateful to him for giving me a job at a time when I thought I would never get that first job, it was a huge self-esteem booster.

Last March I moved back home and lived with my parents in Magnolia until I got a job. I have to say, my parents are awesome, but of course I knew that before. They own 150 plus goats, and guess who was the one to help out, at times. Your's truly. I've done everything possible on a goat farm from worming the goats to loading up goats in dad's truck to take to the goat auction, which will need to be a post by itself so I will tell about it later.

Disclaimer:The rest of this post is about goats, so if there are any sqeemish, or have no interest in goats runaway while you can.

So my parents have a pet nanny goat that they have had to bottle feed since she was born. Her name is Chocolate, because she is light brown all over and looks chocolaty. She was the runt of her, not to sure the the eqivelant of litter is in the goat herd so I will say litter, litter and thinks she is the queen of the herd. She just had a baby billy goat, which is named Fancy Pants, cause he look like a little fancy pants goat. That does bring up a somewhat amusing part of my parents goat world is the name they have given some of these goats. Some of the names are: Chocolate Chip, of course Chocolate that I've already mentioned, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, (Yes those are all ice cream names, mom and dad must have been wanting some icecream when those goats were born) Abigail, Lucy (name after Lucille Ball because Lucy the goat is really loud when she hollers), No Dot, One Dot, and Two Dot (the dot twins are triplets, their names explains how many brown dot they have on thier backs). Those are all nanny goats except for, I think, Two Dot.
The billy goats that rule the herd and are the daddy's of all the babies are: Buck, Johnny Cash, and George. George is a new Bore goat that has been introduced to the lucky girls. He has been part of the heard for a while is is the daddy of most of the goats. He is a full blooded Keiko goat and the best looking billy goat I have ever seen. He is Chocolate's father. Johnny Cash was named after none other then Johnny Cash himself. Johnny is a bore goat and since it takes a lot of talking him into reproducing has been demoted to just one of the herd, once again. Instead of There's Johnny, its Bye Johnny. Sorrry, I just had to write. So since most of this post has been about goats I am going to move on.

I write about goats because that is seriously what I did this past year, was help with goats and not to mention, job search. I have a lot more to say about goats, but that will be a later post also, and possibly I will put up pictures. YAY.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The New Look

I became bored of the last blogger template I had so here is the new look. It's a farmhouse scene, isn't it cool! As least I think so. I wanted something that went along with something Magnolia and there are a lot of farms there so I found this fitting.